Creating Great Solutions to Build your Business

ETG delivers world-class Software Development and Managed Application Services. Rely on us for all your Apps, Custom Software, Software Migration, and ongoing Software Support services.

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Product design is built to provide long-term productivity gains

ETG has the expertise to handle all your development needs.


At ETG, We Tame Dragons

Techno-Dragons are everywhere in businesses, slowing your growth and wreaking havoc. At ETG, we’ve spent 20 years taming those beasts. By combining our business optimization experience with our exceptional software development skills, we wrangle your technologies into well-behaved solutions, tailored to your needs


Rely on ETG for your Salesforce Implementations, Integrations, and Customizations, eCommerce & Online Retail solutions, Custom “Mobile-first” software, Next-generation QA Testing, and the full range of Managed Services


Every day we tame Dragons, helping companies like yours streamline their operations


We’ll Tame your Techno-Dragons & Streamline your Operations

Salesforce Implementations, eCommerce & Online retail Solutions, Custom “Mobile-first “software, Managed Services, and Next-generation QA Testing.


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SFDC/SFCC, Heroku & Force.com Development

Often, the perfect solution to your Implementation or Integration simply doesn’t exist. When this happens, we forge our own! In doing battle (metaphorically) with the technical beasties and process-gobbling monsters holding back your business, the right tools are a vital priority. So if the best solutions don't exist ``off-the-shelf,`` we build them ourselves. As decorated Salesforce ISV Partners and Salesforce Developers, ETG is uniquely qualilfied to implement solutions for Enterprise, Mid-market, and other businesses needing customized implementations.


Service Cloud Solutions

When it comes to defining GREAT service for your customers: You. Know. Best. ETG tailors Service Cloud to focus on what's most important to your customer service process. We start the project by listening and learning your methodology. Then we introduce you to additional Service Cloud features you may not be aware of (for Free, Gratis, No Charge), that would allow you to further streamline your range of Services, possibly adding more Services for your clients! ETG maximize every feature of Sales Cloud, saving you time and effort! Partnering with ETG ensures that: • Service Cloud is customized and easy-to-use for your Service Teams • End-users have fast access to answers on any device, at any time. • The entire Customer Service Experience is intuitive and great for everyone


Marketing Cloud Solutions

ETG uses Marketing Cloud and Pardot to transform your entire marketing program. We'll help you earn lifelong customers, personalize their journey, and create seamless experiences across every touchpoint. The ETG team Guides you at every step: • Define your B2B and B2C Marketing Strategies • Build a vision and ``roadmap`` the entire process • Migrate from other platforms and integrate all Salesforce and Third-party products • Go live in a viable Step-by-step manner


Commerce Cloud Solutions

ETG's experienced team brings out the very best in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud installation. We enjoy personalizing each shoppers' journey, and providing them with an exceptional online experience while simultaneously increasing your revenue! We'll squeeze the most out of every AI and SEO feature. We'll integrate Commerce Cloud all your Salesforce products & Third-party systems. Even integrating legacy systems won't phase us!

Professional IT Services and Solutions

ETG help our clients with innovative technologies that transform their customers’ experience.


When ETG provides your eCommerce and Online Shopping solutions, Dragons are certain to share their hoards of Gold with you! Enterprise, Mid-market, and Growth clients rely on ETG for an enhanced online retail experience. We deliver full implementations, platform migrations, AI predictions, advanced integrations (ERP, OMS, Inventory Mgmt., etc.), and other solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Turn to ETG for technical and support services that tame your toughest business challenges. We provide world-class Software Development and Cloud-migration services. You’ll save money, headaches, and gain peace of mind when we take over your support, ongoing development, and software maintenance.

Dragons Be Gone! ETG’s Digital Quality Assurance Testing Services improve software quality, omnichannel compatibility, and ensure your successful product launch.


We’re entirely objective, and our sole goal is to help you develop a stable, fast, and customer-friendly final product. We use a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) framework with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in our QA process. This allows multiple tools to be integrated into a scripted Bot automation testing process.

Mobile technology is more important every day. As leaders in mobile-first and Interactive solutions for wearables, ETG remains on the cutting edge of mobile development. (With our AR, you could even have a pet Dragon!) Combined with our QA Testing capabilities, our mobile solutions are uniquely designed and ready for mission-critical, high-demand, multi-platform use.

Explore your career at ETG


At ETG, you can accomplish the best work of your profession. Day to day, you have new challenges to solve and meet new opportunities to learn. We commit and guide you to support in learning to core values.

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Leveraging the latest innovative technologies and best-available resources

Head Dragon Tamer, Founder & CEO

Raj Pakala

A serial entrepreneur, founder ETG Global Services, Inc. an internationally-recognized software development and services leader.

Wrangler of Techno-Dragons and Vice President of IT and CX
Partha Kotagiri

As Vice President of Technology and Customer Success at ETG, he plays a pivotal role in the success of all our clients.

Dragon Wrestler and VP of Sales and Marketing
Paul T. Montgomery

With over 20 years of software innovation under his belt, he delights in using technology to flip entire industries upside down.

Dragon Talker and Vice President of HR
Cireesha Mailavarapu

Seasoned HR Professional with over 15+ years of experience managing and leading HR functions globally.

ETG's Vision

ETG will expand its globally trusted brand by leveraging the latest technological innovations to provide best-in-class Software Development, Salesforce, and IT services. Client Satisfaction, along with their enthusiastic referrals, are how we define our success.

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Commerce Cloud

We do so much more than just implement, or migrate, you to Commerce Cloud. With years of Enterprise eCommerce experience, ETG is uniquely prepared to launch an amazing online retail shopping experience that your customers will love. B2C or B2B, ETG implements Salesforce Commerce Cloud systems as intelligent, unified buying experiences that are fully omnichannel and integrated with all your Salesforce modules and third-party products.
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Ready for the next generation of open-platform online retail? Are you considering a new eCommerce platform? Choosing the right one is a big decision, and ETG can help. BigCommerce is the premier API-based eCommerce platform that offers a completely headless commerce experience. ETG can provide you with the industry's most versatile solution for cross-channel Commerce, helping you sell where your customers are already shopping by integrating with top marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping.
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AWS Services

ETG is your “goto” team for Amazon Web Services projects. As an AWS certified partner, we provide a range of services; from migrating your products to the Cloud, to integrating AWS storage into your current applications, to custom Analytics, AR/VR/ML, Mobile, Game Development, Enterprise applications, and so much more. We'll leverage the AWS platform so that your products are robust and take full advantage of AWS' continually accelerating innovations.
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ETG Unsubscribe

ETG UnSubscribe adds automated eMail Opt-out to Sales Cloud. With just 1-click, ETG UnSubscribe lets your recipients Opt-out from emails and eMail Campaigns. No third-party email program needed! ETG UnSubscribe installs into Sales Cloud, solving one of the toughest marketing challenges by automatically updating the Email Opt-out flag. No manual effort of opening emails and hand-updating the Opt-out flag in each record!


ETG QuickBooks Online Connector

The ETG QuickBooks Online Connector is an advanced bi-directional integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks Online. Now you can easily sync QuickBooks Online Customer info and Products data with Salesforce Accounts/Contacts and Products. ETG QuickBooks Online Connector can also generate QuickBooks invoices from within Salesforce, saving you the hassle of switching between programs. A PDF copy of the Invoice is stored in the Salesforce Contact record, ensuring that your documentation stored in a single location.


ETG Contact-to-Lead

ETG Contact-to-Lead easily converts selected Contacts back into Leads. It's a great tool to clean out your Contacts. You'll keep all their details and can continue marketing to them in whatever manner you feel appropriate. It's a great way to purge unnecessary Contact records. Just run any report or filter you want to define the Contacts that you want to be converted into Leads, then with 1-Click, ETG Contact-to-Lead converts your selected Contacts to Leads. With ETG Contact-to-Lead, there's no need to ``bulk delete`` your Contacts or to assign some unique status to them. Just select the Contacts, convert them to Leads, and you can continue marketing to them until it's officially (by YOUR definition) time to remove them from your Org.


ETG Email-to-Lead

ETG Email-to-Lead receives an incoming email, then converts it into a lead. It’s a simple, but useful tool to organize incoming emails. By scanning the email address, and the ‘FROM NAME’, ETG Email-to-Lead captures the First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email Address and then assignes the Lead Source as ‘email’.

We Plan

Software project management comprises of a number of activities, which contains planning of project, deciding scope of software product, estimation of cost in various terms, scheduling of tasks and events, and resource management.

We Consult

Our consulting process is unique. Not only does ETG define the core Needs of your solution, we also learn about your Desired features and functionality. We're the software experts, and you understand your business and your market better than anyone. We take a solutions approach to understand your full vision and long-term scope. Some of those ``pie-in-the-sky`` functionalities might be easier than you thought, and if not, we'll prepare a roadmap to add them when you're ready.

We Develop

We serve an international market covering a vast array of industries. Over the years, our specialties have changed, just as the technologies around us have changed. ETG is keen on being at the forefront of new technologies, while remaining Laser-Focused on Product Reliability & Quality - because your referral means everything. We hire great developers, provide them a great environment, pay them well, and reward them for adding new Certifications and Skills. We're a sought-after employer that is continuously expanding the programming services we offer our clients.

We Tame Dragons

Techno-Dragons are everywhere in businesses, slowing your growth and wreaking havoc. At ETG, we've spent 20 years taming those beasts. By combining our business optimization experience with our exceptional software development skills, we wrangle your technologies into well-behaved solutions, tailored to your needs. Every day we tame Dragons, helping companies like yours improve their operations.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Magic!

ETG propels your eCommerce to new heights by unifying all your Salesforce modules and integrating with Third-Party products. Shoppers will love your ETG-provided Online Retail solution.

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