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Do you have a legacy application and contemplating of upgrading to the latest technology?

ETG is the right choice to migrate your legacy application or build a new application that is future ready. ETG provides end to end services to build Small and Medium to Enterprise applications whether it is Desktop or Client/Server or Web or Mobile for Real-Time, Offline, Huge Data Oriented, Financial, eCommerce, Social Media applications etc.

Our Migration Services

  • Assessment Services
    We help you decide to stay,
    port, build or buy
  • Consulting Services
    We help you chose target environment and
    plan your migration
  • Implementation and
    Migration support services

    Migrating legacy application or
    building a new application

ETG, has vast pool of experienced resources who have transformed from traditional Scripting solutions to Pattern based current frameworks including Analysing requirements, designing, building, migrating and deploying applications. This ensures that our resources are well acquainted with outdated technologies and have expertise of migrating them to latest technology platforms. ETG works closely with every client, in understanding their specific needs and pain areas and advise them with a right migration approach that not only ensure cost effectiveness but also is quick to market.