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We leverage distributed ledger technology in the form of open blockchain APIs to create a system that decentralizes trust to enable a new space in blockchain-based solutions for several different industries by significantly reducing the processing timelines and transactional fees.

Our implementation services include Smart Contracts Development, eWallets, Exchange Applications and DApps development using the most popular platforms in the market.

From developing smart contracts for decentralized applications using the specialized programming language for the blockchain implementation, we leverage our Blockchain expertise to improve general ledger security by programming double-round hash verification features and creating decentralized networks for mining pools, to provide compressive architecture solutions for mining farms. Our expertise Blockchain technology service offerings are:

Our team of experts can help you with programming features such as
  • Blockchain based decentralized Application Development
  • Developing native dapps using Golang
  • Integrated apps through APIs from popular blockchain exchanges and app developers
  • Consulting and Advisory services
  • Smart contract Auditing
  • Testing Dapps with the help of our Private lab with real environment setup before pushing into production.
  • Solution Validation services for Smart Contracts & Utility tokens
  • Auto-generation of public and private keys
  • Engineering Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and Proof of Concept consensus protocols
  • Eliminating outmoded third parties and double-spending errors

Why ETG as Your Blockchain Technology Service Partner?

We are a strong offshore Blockchain development company that offers excellent Blockchain Development Services and expertise blockchain consulting & advisory services across various domains for varied business needs. Our technical expertise include:

Consult our blockchain software specialists now to kickstart your business with our blockchain technology solutions. Discuss how our programming services can help you overcome your technology.