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Accelerate your delivery management, provisioning of resources and business results with our DevOps consulting services. ETG offers a range of DevOps consulting services for improved delivery capabilities and advanced automation and efficiency.

DevOps is a software development methodology that helps organizations in automating and standardizing of infrastructure deployment process with the integration of development & operations functions in the same cycle.

With our DevOps consulting, we help start-ups as well as the well-established firms in aligning their development and operations to enhance operational efficiency, time to market, easy identification of emerging issues and quick delivery of applications, products and services at a much faster velocity than traditional methods.

Our DevOps Services

Right from assessing your current DevOps practices, setting up the automation, using the best tools for process transformation to ongoing management of the delivery pipeline, we take care of it all whether it is Build release or configuration management


Containers like Docker, help organizations to meet the needs of both IT operations and development teams. Containers are an effective way to manage the traditional discontinuity between these two groups, which is why they often earn a central place in a DevOps approach.

The inter-coordination and timing of service delivery is a notable IT modernization challenge. Inter dependencies mean that coordinated service delivery is essential. Containers enable service delivery processes to be consolidated, reducing the coordination dramatically which translates into IT and developer productivity gains.

We help you to develop a container strategy, implement the tools and frameworks necessary to achieve it, and teach your team how to use containers to improve agility.

Optimized Code Delivery

Gain a streamlined software development lifecycle, reducing the costs and resources needed to get applications to market faster

Server Configuration

Automatically deliver consistent configuration rules needed to run virtual machines

Infrastructure as a Service

Achieve provisioning goals while consistently meeting networking and business requirements

Automated Security

Codify security rules and run them 24X7 with software defined security

Our DevOps consulting services include

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