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Digital transformation is the biggest change in how you do business in over a generation. Enterprises that adjust to this change improve employee productivity, open new revenue channels, improve customer engagement, and stand out from the competition.

ETG's Digital Software Assurance Testing practice empowers businesses to be the leaders that can make that transition successfully. Our Digital Software Assurance & Testing Solutions address the complex and multi-faceted challenges of the digital transformation. We ensure your successful by conducting detailed and comprehensive testing across your digital value chain, including; custom software, Apps, digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, and your entire digital ecosystem.

As your trusted partner, we guarantee successful business outcomes and risk containment.

Our talented specialists ensure your product stability, agility, flexibility, and scalability at a lower TCO.

  • Digital Transformation Assurance

    ETGs’ next generation quality assurance and testing expertise enable successful digital transformation.

  • Automation First Processes

    As pioneers in the development and use of test automation accelerators, our intelligent automation approach across the engineering lifecycle powers end-to-end DevOps acceleration enhances quality maturity, focuses on risk containment, and optimizes cycle time to achieve economies and speed beyond traditional models.

  • Performance Engineering

    Our performance engineering practice runs deep code-level root cause analysis. We analyze the application response times, using the latest tooling options to review the systems and processes. Based on this data, the code can then be optimized.

  • ETG's Omni-channel Usability Services:

    Today's digital environment has led users to expect the same user-experience and features in applications across multiple devices. Your products must have the same usability regardless of device or interaction channel, regardless of platform.

    ETG’s Omni-channel usability Services uniquely offer Both digital and operational friction points that ID customer drop-off and brand abandonment.
    Ensure that every touchpoint in the customer journey is working as expected.
    Gather ALL the information company stakeholders need to plan improvements: track bugs, manage feedback, etc.
    Gather feedback from customers.
    We provide user experience input to analyze your results. You’re never on your own.

  • Security Testing

    The latest research on software quality identifies security and corporate image at the top of the list of concerns for the digital enterprise. EVERY day your applications are probed for security gaps to exploit.

    ETG's digital software quality assurance (QA) practice provides security testing at the code level, ensuring that the most secure practices and standards are incorporated early into your software lifecycle.

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