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ETG provides digital marketing strategy, implementation, and Integration services for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) and Pardot software.

We specialize in integrating Marketing Cloud and Pardot with your eCommerce, ERP, and Inventory Management systems.

Online marketing is now the most vital business growth methodology. It's necessary to build your brand and helps establish relationships that directly lead to sales growth.

ETG is the #1 choice for crafting the best strategies for B2B (primarily Pardot) and B2C (primarily Marketing Cloud) marketing integration. Our experience with enterprise eCommerce systems, CRM systems, and ERP ensures that we know how to help you navigate the challenges of audience targeting, revenue enhancement, and all communications strategies. Know more on #1 CRM

We integrate all your channels, Social Media, email automation, SMS campaigns, and more, to help you track, analyze, then maximize, your communication with prospects and clients. Our Omnichannel approach to maximizing your Marketing Cloud/Pardot investment helps you get the most value out of your investment. Learn more on Marketing automation

ETG Builds the Marketing Cloud solutions

As part of ETG's customization of your Marketing Cloud / Pardot implementation, we can tailor your Community Cloud and other Salesforce modules to revolutionize your customers' entire online retail journey.

Working with ETG, you'll gain a complete 360-view of your prospects and clients, and you'll build accurate customer profiles that improve the customers' experience and improve your sales revenue. Click here for more marketing cloud customer stories