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ETG has extensive experience in creating & designing of custom responsive Shopify templates for enterprises of diverse industry contexts. Whether you are looking for a new website, ecommerce development, customizations or any other setup work, we have got you everything covered by adopting the advanced processes that captures your brand values and business goals to create a great eCommerce experience.

We base all our offerings on an understanding of client's business requirements. Once we get to know everything about the conditions that we must work with, our highly qualified and experienced Shopify web developers plan the solution architecture that suit your business goals, operational and development time.

When you entrust us end-to-end responsibility for your eCommerce project, we split the delivery of services into two phases: Project Mode and Maintenance Mode. In each phase, we carefully go through each customer particular case to understand the objectives and deliver dependable solutions for superior service experience to our partners.

Our Shopify Services

Etg is a full-service eCommerce house. We build, operate, and maintain eCommerce assets capable of enabling faster business growth for leading brands. Our Shopify services range from consulting to end-to-end implementation and support. Whether you are looking to overhaul an existing system or building a new one, Etg can help you.

Shopify Consulting & Desig

Consulting & Design

We create a 360-degree eCommerce growth strategy to attract, monetize and convert shoppers to your brand. To commence strategy execution, we construct a development roadmap and begin work on design and solution prototypes.

Shopify End-to-End Development

End-to-End Development

ETG provides end-to-end development services wherein we plan and execute a Shopify eCommerce implementation plan for your brand. We know every business is different and adapt our process to meet your unique requirements.

Shopify Migrations & Upgrades

Migrations & Upgrades

We appraise your existing platform capabilities to suggest a migration or upgrade to a newer version of Shopify. Once you embark on the migration, our team will execute the entire process while ensuring minimal disruption to your existing operations.

Shopify Audit & Optimization

Audit & Optimization

We offer audit and optimization services to help diagnose and fix site performance issues that are stunting sales. At ETG, we use a data and test-driven framework to achieve conversion optimization. We detect flaws/gaps in the existing user journey and advise changes.

Shopify Customized Themes and Extensions

Customized Themes and Extensions

Enable delightful eCommerce experiences by getting custom theme design services from ETG. Our themes are fresh and responsive. We build neat, clean and highly customizable themes that advance the user smoothly along the purchase pathway.

Shopify Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

For companies looking to take up eCommerce implementation and management internally, ETG provides onsite and offsite staff augmentation services. To ensure project success, we identify skill gaps and provide resources to fill those gaps.

Shopify Managed Services

Managed Services

ETG support services aim to maintain and improve your site experience. Our issue management teams offer round-the-clock technical, business and solutions support to clients. We reduce site downtimes and latency for managed assets with our highly responsive service.

Shopify Third Party Integrations

Third Party Integrations

ETG enables easy integration of your eCommerce system with other enterprise IT systems. We connect the eCommerce system to ERP, POS, CRM, OMS and other on-premise or cloud SaaS enterprise applications to enable connected commerce capabilities for your business.

How We Make You Succeed With Shopify

ETG has extensive experience in building and managing eCommerce assets for Enterprises in different industry contexts. While working on an eCommerce project, we adopt a process that captures your brand philosophy and business goals to create an eCommerce experience that reflects those brand values and sales goals. Once we have understood the experience we are meant to deliver, we learn everything we can about the conditions we must work with. After understanding your requirements, we modify our implementation methodology to suit your business goals, operational and time constraints.

When you entrust us end-to-end responsibility for your eCommerce project, we split the delivery of services into two phases: Project Mode and Maintenance Mode. In each phase, we have a streamlined process to secure a consistent and superior service experience to our partners.