AI/ML Services

Our deep industry expertise combined with advanced analytics, automation and AI services helps you operate with agility from front office to back office. We enable our clients with machine learning models and build AI systems that assist clients in making intelligent decisions and taking timely actions. We also enable automating manual and cognitive tasks that are either routine or non-routine in nature.


We are an AI consulting and technology company that develops custom ML frameworks and models and help generate insights to derive real-world benefits for its clients to help them gain and sustain an edge over the competition in their industry vertical. We also help them expanding into newer markets with the help of justifiable, sustainable and predictable insights. We combine internal and external data to design and help clients to achieve the most desirable efficiency levels within their current operations. Our solutions are based on Artificial Intelligence, ML and NLP techniques that combine sophisticated & large-scale models to predict and recommend actions for the planned business outcomes.


Our capabilities include developing systems that augment human decision-making through insights across multiple data sources. This adds to the accuracy of the decision-making process and makes the outcomes more reliable. We combine a right mix of tools for solve predictive modelling problems, providing the optimal combination of machine learning and human experience.


OUR AI/ML Capabilities and services:


Customer Segmentation


ETG draws the inference of machine learning model behind the software that gives several historical transactions from a different customer segment. The data would run through a machine learning algorithm.


Image/Video Analysis


Based on our proven deep learning technology expertise we offer image/video analytical services for your applications that can identify the people, text, objects and activities.


Speech Analytics


Our AI based, speech analytics APIs helps you to enhance the performance in sales, customer service, product development and marketing across the organization.


Recommendation Engine


Our cutting-edge algorithms on machine learning and deep learning recommend your visitors as per their taste and preference with unmatched accuracy.


Model building and Training


We build a machine learning models for real business cases and, train it with best training data to obtain optimal algorithm and achieving best forecasting accuracy. To achieve best accuracy levels, we use different optimization techniques specific to domain of the problem.


Sales and Engagement Funnel Analysis


Simple funnel analysis by our experts can increase the quantitative understanding on the flow of your website – Registration, lead generation and checkout process yield a series of actions before reaching your goal.


Image Analysis and Categorization


Our Deep learning techniques with multi-level structures helps in extracting complex information from input images. Neural Networks also reduce computation time by captivating benefit of GPU for computation which many networks fail to utilize.


Entity Detection


Our expertise with Entity detection enables identifying and classifying key elements from text / speech into pre-defined categories and transform unstructured data to structured data and make it available for standard processing.


Supply Chain Optimization


Our ML tools offer much to perform the most important role to improve supply chain performance. This change can help your supply chain managers to be more dynamic, efficient and flexible in planning & execution.


Inventory Forecasting


Our Inventory Forecasting services utilise machine learning algorithms uniquely built to specific data sets ensures significant improvements in inventory forecasting with better accuracy and efficacy.


Online Presence and Social Media Analysis


Our digital marketing expertise combined with artificial intelligence helps to improve your customer journey. This combination of expertise allows our models to analyse voluminous data to identify trending patterns and trends to understand user behaviour and provide a personalized experience.


Why ETG?


  • Expert AI/ML Talent – AI Expertise with Domain Expertise with over 15 ML professionals
  • Speed and Flexibility – We look to deliver POC’s in weeks instead of months all the while keeping in mind your larger AI needs for your business.
  • Leverage Current Investments – We leverage your current investments in data and our expertise in building data lakes and stitching tools and frameworks to meet the business objective and realize the ROI.
  • We have in-house expertise on various AI toolkits needed to handle the full gamut of varied data types (Eg: Text, Image, Audio, Video, Maps etc.)

Our tool kits can produce world-class imminent modelling with automated machine learning, transforming machine learning and AI projects in minutes or days