Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We Help Simplifying Complex Architectures and scale your business to new heights with AWS services

ETG being an Advanced Technology Partner in AWS Partner Network, helps clients with architecture, automation, and maintenance of customized AWS cloud infrastructure. We onboard AWS certified developers who provide end-to-end cloud services- from design and implementation to its smooth functioning – for organizations across the globe.

Our Aws Services


Migration Assessment & Comprehensive Strategy

ETG thoroughly evaluate clients’ current systems, carry out gap analysis, and design a scalable and secure system for migration to AWS cloud.


Migration & Implementation

To familiarize organizations through this journey, ETG provides a managed suite of Cloud Migration Services which employ a global Migration Center of Excellence & world class technologies to thoroughly endorse your options, assure a successful migration with guaranteed ROI


Devops Strategy (CI, CD, CT)

ETG helps customers by building their business models ``as code`` and adopting a portable micro-services architectural style. Tools and services for container orchestration will be leveraged to enable a hybrid deployment approach coupled with AWS Code Services , helping customers experiment often and iterate quickly.

AWS Jumpstart

Institutions and organizations that are new to Amazon Web Services (AWS) understand that getting started is a complex process, with a steep learning curve for establishing a secure and manageable foundation. ETG offers Jump Start for AWS, a cloud consulting service, which eases this complexity by providing a guided path to start the cloud journey