QA Testing – Digital Streaming Services

QA Testing – Digital Streaming Services

One of the worlds’ largest digital video providers hired ETG Global Services Inc. to design and develop their streaming technology.

We created the mission-critical technology for these platforms (in order of priority):


Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Kindle, PS3, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV, Windows, LG Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV.


And then, we developed an advanced QA Testing protocol that could be continually revised and updated as new API’s, Hardware, and Operating Systems become available.  When new technology arrives, we knew that the core products would need to be continually updated AND that advanced testing would be necessary to ensure a professional customer experience.

One of the Advanced services here at ETG Global Services is our QA Testing.  We provide a wide range of services on many platforms. We provide everything from Mobile application Testing, to Salesforce QA Testing, and advanced multi-platform Digital Assurance Testing.

In this blog, I’ll focus on an ongoing QA Testing project continually revised and modified because the nature of consumer technology is always in flux.

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ETG developed a scalable testing automation framework to be both flexible and compatible with the vendor-provided APIs for each hardware platform.  Our testing is both functional and contextual. And it addresses an ever-increasing range of hardware platforms.

QA Project Scope:

  • We started by creating Automation framework to address each Hardware API in both a functional and contextual manner
  • Ensure a scalable framework for all stages: Initial QA, Staging, and Production
  • Execute robust testing for all User types: Anonymous, Free, and Premium
  • Test the API on ALL Platforms:
  • Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Kindle, PS3, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV, Windows, LG Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV.
  • Providing Flexibility and compatibility for direct API integration with all systems to complete testing for non-streaming functionalities: Salesforce, NetSuite, Payment Gateways, ERP, OMS, and other platform integrations
  • Test ALL Subscription-type scenarios
  • Test ALL functionality in Multiple geographic regions
ETG QA Testing Agile Methodology 01

Objectives and Achievements:

  • Complete App testing cycles for every release and API update
  • Achieve 99% crash-free user sessions for Android and iOS mobile applications
  • Accept delivery of App updates mid-test cycle if end-users report errors
  • Test in-App purchases for iTunes, Google Play-store, Roku, Microsoft, Amazon (FireTV & Kindle) on regions that support this functionality
  • Create a “Mock” live mobile app for each mobile platform for API testing
  • We test mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows) under various internet speeds and 3G, 4G/LTE, & Wi-Fi by using throttling the network speed.
  • Test App compatibilities by testing for interference with other installed Apps, low memory conditions, and other non-optimal implementations.
  • Test offline Viewing feature on Mobiles apps
  • We test cross-app interactions on iOS.
  • Ensure consistency of data, map all integration sources, and identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks as part of Integration testing
  • (Note: This is a shortened project list)

The ETG Solution:

ETG used a multi-framework approach to build the automation required for this high-demand QA Testing project.

We started by using a Behavior Driven Development framework (BDD).  ETG used this framework to extend the automation to a wide range of areas from the backend to the frontend on the Web Products, Consoles, and Mobile Platforms.

  • We used Cucumber as a collaboration tool for BDD. It acts as a “bridge” between Business Language and Technical implementation. It allowed us to define the Tests as behaviors of an application and allowed ETG to communicate the testing features to the Clients Business users.
  • We used GHERKIN, a plain descriptive language (English), to define the project features. Again, focusing on communication with the client.
ETG QA Testing Multi Framework Approach

RPA: Robotic Process Automation: RPA allows ETG to build complex automations with an extensive range of functionalities for each.  This technology allows the processing of input, transactions, action triggers, and communications with other systems by creating software bots that manage and track every step. 

  • This project included a combination of different applications, components, and technologies that run on multiple operating systems. The scope of this project is enormous, and we used various tools to build these automations. Selenium, Sikuli, etc., combined with UIPath RPA tools, streamlined the testing. It also allowed us to overcome the limitations of using a single RPA tool.
  • ETG created a vast library of automations to identify and update individual system touchpoints for each UI and platform. We update this library as new hardware, APIs, and other factors are brought to our attention.

This diagram depicts ETG’s high-level Bot automation testing approach:

ETG High Level Bot Automation Testing Approach

Pre-condition check / Test-data creation

  1. The automation script is triggered.
    1. The QA team build the Automation scripts
    2. The Test Data Management (TDM) team creates the Testing data
  2. The Automation script retrieves the test data (This is Automated wherever possible).

Auto Test BOT Execution:

  1. Automation script triggers the Bot through a job or from the control hub
  2. RPA process is initiated (as seen in the sample workflows or App1, App2, App3, and App4), and actions are performed by following the sequence defined in the RPA process flow.


  1. Automation script validates App3’s output: (web page, desktop app, DB, Mobile Apps, etc.) if RPA succeeds.
  2. Same as step 5, depending on the different actions or automated Bot process.
  3. The Automation script creates a Report.
  4. Code optimization is performed based on the Analysis


QA testing can be daunting.  And depending on your needs, ETG Global Services will build the appropriate protocols and procedures to ensure that your products are ready for consumer use.

From Salesforce Implementations to Salesforce Custom Development to Headless mobile Apps, Streaming technologies, and more, ETG has the skill sets to improve and optimize every project.

ETG is a Salesforce development partner, providing- Demandware Implementations, Demandware Consultants, Headless SFRA consultants.

If you are looking for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partner, drop us a note

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