Dreamforce 2019 Highlights

Some of ETG’s favorite Dreamforce new Salesforce features:

The Customer 360 concept transforms from an idea to reality

With every release, each Salesforce Cloud becomes more deeply integrated with its companion Cloud products. The sophistication of each interface is better, and Einstein Analytics plays a more dynamic role with each version.

Customer 360 Truth Profile

The Customer 360 Truth Profile is the next stage of this narrative. This “Truth Profile” is a new term, shortened from SSOT (Single Source Of Truth), that represents the Customer 360 Data Manager merging with Mulesoft, and then woven into the core of the Salesforce Platform. AT.NO.ADDITIONAL.COST.

Einstein Voice: Changing everything we know about Sales and Service

Call Coaching (Sales Cloud) Post Bonobo acquisition this year, Salesforce debuted their sales cloud call coaching application at Dreamforce. Companies that adopt a coaching program for their Sales teams typically improve their close rate by 28%.

The Call coaching works by having Saleforce recording and transcribing the calls in real-time. By using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Einstein Call Coaching analyzes call recordings and provides sales reps and managers with the insights needed to optimize every call.

You’ll see which products are mentioned most often by sales reps, the objections that are raised, and how these objections are dealt with. You’ll even gain an understanding of how comfortable your sales reps are at handling calls.

Read the official press release here.

Service Cloud Voice

Another Voice technology that is releasing soon is Service Cloud Voice.

Calls are transcribed in real-time with Service Cloud Voice, allowing insights to be presented to the service agent, while the customer is explaining their issue with the Agent.

Inreal-time, Einstein recommendations display Knowledge Base articles that detail the correct procedure for the agent to follow.

A real-world example demonstrated at Dreamforce showed that State Farm has provided faster resolutions for customers … 31% times faster!

Einstein eMail Designer: Commerce Cloud

A favorite topic for ETG is anything that improves Online Retail and eCommerce. The new Einstein Designer is a new page designer technology for eCommerce sites powered by Commerce Cloud.

You gain intelligent options for personalization that optimize the site browser; there are multiple product listing views that are dynamically selected based on the users browser, viewing device and other preferences.

This new Drag & Drop builder + Einstein insights = 6x faster design deployment

How does it do this? Einstein breaks each product listing into its separate components, it weighs the user preferences, platform data, browser capabilities and other details, then dynamically build a view optimized for the user and their viewing device at that moment.

An Email Renaissance?

Here’s a GREAT idea .. instead of asking prospects and customers to “click a Link”, then “fill a Form”, or “Complete a Form” on a separate page … embed that interactivity right in the email. WOW!

Salesforce will soon provide technology that removes steps, hassle and effort that stands between your clients and your database. The data capture occurs right in the email!

Stay tuned for more details!!

A Key Theme of Dreamforce:

From the Keynote presentation: “Transformation not Translation”.

There are a HUGE number of companies working on “Digital Transformations” … and the majority of these initiatives are failing.

Salesforce acknowledges this challenge and is tackling this head-on with a strategies and technology roadmaps that every company can follow and adapt to their own initiatives.

Salesforce set 3 objectives:

· Connect Every Customer

· Empower Every Employee

· Create a Culture of Innovation

To achieve these objectives, Salesforce is bringing their products together in a way that enables companies to “transform on a modern, unified platform”.

Key announcements at Dreamforce:

Cloud Information Model – Open-enterprise to enable faster and easier application integrations.

Security Command Centre – Manage security policies and connectivity, see trends, receive proactive alerts and achieve multi-org visibility.

Lightning Sandboxes – A Lightning fast sandbox that can be refreshed on demand and created in minutes.

Private Connect – Ensure your data never crosses the public internet.

Data Mask – Secure your sandbox data and choose how to encrypt or delete it.

ETG is proud to be a part of the Salesforce Ohana.

Watch Dreamforce Highlights yourself!

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