Enhance your Salesforce to work around the Pandemic and Beyond

Enhance your Salesforce to work around the Pandemic and Beyond

The way we work changed overnight...!! and there has been lot of questions...

Salesforce heard these questions and evolved to meet the needs and expectations and have come up with a workaround to help companies keep their employees productive, efficient, and connected to their customers during the pandemic, and beyond. 

Here is what we need know about how Salesforce is taking the best of it’s technology to improve the overall experience from anywhere.

Salesforce Customer 360 – Market, Sell and Service from anywhere

360 Degree

At the age of digital transformation and customer-centric marketing approach it is imperative that companies have a single source of truth of a customer. This will help the companies to deliver connected experiences across all communication channels and build personalized customer experience.


Salesforce Customer 360 is a cross-cloud solution that works as a single source of truth for several data sources. It allows companies to connect Salesforce apps to build a single view of the customer. It incorporates the functionality of MuleSoft to allow companies to connect any app, data source or device across any cloud or on premises server.

Salesforce Customer 360 bridges fragmented customer data across an entire organization and creates a single data model for marketing, sales, B2B commerce, and service which enables companies to deliver integrated customer engagement.


Salesforce Anywhere App

In a work from shelter world collaboration is the primary key for a team’s success. Salesforce Anywhere App helps the teams to collaborate with features like real-time chat, notification alerts, comments and video conferencing within the Salesforce workflow. This helps the teams to collaborate with in the Salesforce record.

Build and Manage Apps Quickly from anywhere

Working remotely will have its hindrances and puts lot of stain on IT helpdesk with increasing number of service requests. To manage and scale IT support, Salesforce partnered with Tanium, to develop an employee service solution for work from anywhere world. This will give IT teams complete control of all employee devices and services on their network so they can deliver the experiences that employees need to be successful from anywhere. 

Salesforce Employee Data Model – a new set of standard objects and fields to accelerate development of employee apps to provide a great work-from-anywhere employee exp. Salesforce recently created Work.com with the help of Employee Data Model. It is designed on Common Information Model (CIM) standards to simplify integration and interoperability with the core systems that house employee data.

In short, salesforce adapted to the changing work environment and is gearing up for new challenges to give a better experience to its customers and to stay productive and to better connect with their customers.

How ETG Can Help:

ETG Global Services Inc, is a global Salesforce Implementation partner with tremendous expertise and experience in implementations, platform migrations and dedicated support teams. Our expertise in Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Mulesoft has helped many customers in the US with tailor made custom solutions according to their convenience. 

ETG can help you to quickly adhere and implement headless SFRA and its practices in most cost-effective way, thus helping you go live immediately.

ETG is a Salesforce development partner, providing- Demandware Implementations, Demandware Consultants, Headless SFRA consultants.

If you are looking for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partner, drop us a note info@etggs.com


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