Quick Start Commerce Solutions From Salesforce

Quick Start Commerce Solutions From Salesforce

What is Quick Start? Why retailers should consider this

Quick Start Commerce Solutions are basically introduced by Salesforce in their Commerce Cloud portfolio, due to this COVID hit Pandemic situation for businesses.

The entire world has been suffering an economic collapse due to the Pandemic since Feb 2020.

On May 21st Salesforce had taken note of this and launched four innovative solutions that are both smart as well as safe in these challenging times particularly catering to the retailers doing business in line of Essential goods, Groceries, Food & Distribution.

Here are the Four Solutions Salesforce is offering:

Salesforce Commerce Solutions

What is the Need for Quick Start?

The world is quickly transitioning into a digital era and all the retailers have been busy to react to this change by making their stores go online. The reason being the initial lockdown and low customer turnaround and major global ecommerce players like amazon who provide all the essentials online. The need of the hour for all the retailers who do not have an e-commerce website is to go online that too quick.

ETG Global Solutions, Inc. is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation partner and MuleSoft development company. We’ve dedicated a lot of time considering the repercussions and ramifications of the changes being wrought in the eCommerce market. This Blog addresses some of our own insights as well as those of Salesforce.

Why Retailers should really consider using Quick Start

Salesforce Quick Start is aimed at providing fast yet intuitive ecommerce portal services that have the functionality to buy online and pickup at the Curbside, integrated order management systems, payment gateways, picking and packing app for store associates to fulfil orders using in-store inventory.

Along with this, Quick Start uses A.I. functionality to track the buyer journey and suggest options to re-order items for quick and hassle-free buying. Retailers can also add FAQ’s, Live chat & also create forums/ communities in their websites thereby creating a rich customer centric experience.  

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Advantage

Retailers opting for Quick Start have a major advantage as these solutions are part of Salesforce Commerce Cloud which means access to lot more like Salesforce Partner Ecosystem for future relationships. The businesses opting for Commerce Cloud also have a major advantage as they are digital ready to take on the transformation and future proof.  

Commerce Cloud Advantages

How ETG Can Help:

ETG Global Services Inc, is a global Salesforce Implementation partner with tremendous expertise and experience in implementations, platform migrations and dedicated support teams. 

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Our expertise in Salesforce Commerce Cloud has helped many customers in the US with tailor made custom solutions according to their convenience. ETG can suggest and implement the best suited and supported Salesforce Quick Start Commerce Solution for retailers and engage customers with its cost effective solutions tailored for every customer. 

ETG can help you to quickly adhere and implement these quick start packages in most cost-effective way, thus helping you go live immediately. 

In our next blog, we will give insights about Headless Commerce, SFRAStorefront Reference Architecture its usage and how eCommerce companies can get benefited from it.

ETG is a Salesforce development partner, providing- Demandware Implementations, Demandware Consultants, Headless SFRA consultants.

If you are looking for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partner, drop us a note info@etggs.com


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