Fastly For Magento Store Optimization

Fastly For Magento Store Optimization

To be successful in the market, you do not just have to offer the excellent products and services but should also have the best web host services as well. When it comes to choosing the best hosting platform for your e-commerce store, developers are spoilt for choice, as there are an umpteen number of e-commerce platforms available in the market. Out of plethora of choices, Magento holds the special place, as it has made e-commerce easier for a user in terms of online shopping and other major functionalities.

Developed by the Varien Team in 2001, it has gained huge popularity in last few years.  While user-friendliness, flexibility and scalability are its amazing features, speed can be of major issues for Magento stores. Slow page loading can be major drawback for online stores, as this can have direct impact on the user experience, SEO rankings as well as the sales.

Therefore, it is important for store owners to look for best ways for improving speed and performance of a particular website. Fastly, a Content Delivery Network is one of the best alternative for Magento performance optimization. This modern CDN service is accessible in the form of extension that can be integrated into the store to enjoy great benefits.

All about Fastly

It’s a CDN service that supports in enhancing content access speed and reduce the loading time of an application for mobile and website users.  It uses SSD disks in their cache servers for better content fetching & high cache hit ratio. In addition to this it offers around 30 point of presence locations across the globe.

Key benefits of using Fastly

Faster loading speed

One of the most important factor for its success in the market is the loading time. With Fastly, one can improve the loading time of a website. In an ideal world, a website loading speed should not be more than 3 seconds, if it does so a visitor tend to get bit impatient and may not turn up to you. with Fastly Magento Extension you can reduce the loading time.

Consistent performance

Another great benefit of Fastly is it ensures consistent performance. With this, the storefront performance is not affected even during DDoS attacks and traffic spikes.

Easy configuration

It is very easy to configure. The stability of a website can be greatly maintained with the installation and configuration of ‘Fastly’ for Magento.

Reverse Proxing

It can deliver catched dynamic content and has ability to use reverse proxy technique. Which means in case if it receives a request for uncached content, it can fetch and deliver the same as requested using reverse proxy technique.

On the whole Fastly is an amazing extension to improve a Magento store, as it not only supports in speed optimization but also in maintaining the content fresh.

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