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“84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as relevant as its products.  But research shows that only 27% of B2B decision-makers said their businesses had tried to maximize revenue in the digital age.”

Learn from an expert to address your current challenges or improvements you might need to implement.

Here is what you can discuss:        

      • Best Practices for an Optimal Shopping Experience
      • Mobile First Design / Headless Commerce Architecture and 12 Benefits it provides
      • Improve your conversions and reduce cart abandonments
      • Creating Unified Customer Experiences

Virtually overnight, eCommerce became the #1 most critical sales platform.

With the massive increase in demand, cracks are appearing in many eCommerce sites. And now that more customers have experienced online shopping, your eCommerce platform needs to be the #1 focus for your sales model. It needs to be stable, fast, friendly, and most-of-all, mobile.

About Partha Kotagiri

A Commerce Cloud Expert and has been leading the way to Commerce Center of Excellence at ETG.

15+ years of experienced leader- with strategic planning, research, digital transformation, design and development of Commerce Solutions, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, Consulting Services, Management and Mobile-first strategies.

Celebrating 20 Years of Success and Trust

“2020 was on track to be the year that mobile eCommerce became more popular than the online desktop sales. Then, in a few weeks, all predictions were shredded, obliterated, and tossed out the window. 2020 is already the year that mobile online sales overtook desktop sales.”