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Rely on ETG for the RIGHT solution in App and mobile-first Software Development.

ETG is a global leader in mobile development. Android, iOS, and Mobile-First Development for new products and Migration-to-Cloud projects. Our Apps rank among the largest-scale solutions in the world. EventsNow (one of the largest mobile ticketing systems in the world) uses ETG for App Development and our QA Testing services


Mobile technology is more important every day. As leaders in mobile-first and Interactive solutions for wearables, ETG remains on the cutting edge of mobile development. (With our AR, you could even have a pet Dragon!) Combined with our advanced QA Testing capabilities, ETGs’ mobile solutions are ready for mission-critical, high-demand, multi-platform use.


We design solutions built for mission-critical performance and have years of experience building reliable, stable, and engaging mobile Apps.


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As pioneers in Hybrid web technologies. ETG takes the time to discuss the technology options and helps you decide which is the BEST platform for your needs. We bring a global perspective and a world of expertise to build an engaging, stable, and secure App that fits your budget.


Augmented Reality Solutions from ETG


Without a doubt, “Augmented Reality” (AR) is the latest high-tech buzzword. While viewed by some as an entertainment technology, industries like healthcare, eCommerce, architecture, etc. already use Augmented Reality.


ETG provides AR in both our Mobile solutions and our eCommerce projects.


There are two main classes of AR apps: Marker-based and Location-based.


Marker-based apps use predefined markers to trigger the display of AR overlays on top of the image. These Mobile applications rely on image recognition. Using the camera on the portable devices, they detect select patterns or markers. Examples include QR Codes or specific images. Once recognized, the app overlays digital information on this marker.


Location-based apps use the GPS, and other position detectors (accelerometers and digital compasses) to establish your location, then display AR objects on top of physical ones.

ETG Mobile Apps and Mobile-first Software Development


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Ready for an App? ETG is the Partner you need to succeed. Phones, tablets, and wearables have never been more exciting, and our mobile app development has the experience you need for mission-critical mobile development.


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