Salesforce Lightning and Its Benefits for Your Business Community

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning and Its Benefits for Your Business Community

Retaining back the old customers and grabbing the attention of new audience depends mainly on how a company interacts with its potential users and understands their experience. Usually 50% of the companies pay more for better user experience. However, only few firms will be able to measure their user experience and engagement. Then why customer interaction is not driven as a priority for many organizations? Well, one of the main reasons why many of the firms do not connect with its audience is that it does not gather and make use of potential customer data to gain insights or introduce any user engagement strategies. And to boost customer engagement, companies’ priority should be their customers.

Salesforce Lightning is a new redesigned interface that allows channel partners and developers to explore new ways for connecting with targeted audience. This massive UX upgrade provides great interfaces, better user experience, reduces the clicks and overall enhancement in design, development and deployment processes. Also, provides great interfaces over visual force design frameworks.

From the legacy community templates to visualforce framework, lightning experience offers many enhancements and benefits for Salesforce community including

Community management console

For attaining the analytics and managing and moderating of your community

AppExchange for components, templates and applications

Just like Google play store the AppExchange of Salesforce lightning supports incorporation of base experience through templates, apps and components.

Standardized design framework

The LDS (Lighting design system) of Salesforce helps to guide interface design and user experience.

Lightning bolt templates

It encompasses pre-packaged themes from Salesforce as well as its partners to tackle different cases, verticals and audiences.

Community builder

Ensure to organize your community design including applications, pages and templates with WYSIWYG editor and drag and drop interface.

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