ETG is the Enterprise-scale Leader for eCommerce and Online Shopping Solutions.

ETG is the Enterprise-scale Leader for eCommerce and Online Shopping Solutions. We provide eCommerce Implementations, Integrations, and Custom Software Development. We deliver full implementations, platform migrations, AI prediction technology, advanced integrations (ERP, OMS, Inventory Mgmt., etc.), and other solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Electronic eCommerce

Dragons will share their hoarded gold with you when ETG provides your eCommerce & Online Shopping solutions! Enterprise, Mid-market, and Growth clients rely on us to enhance their customers’ online retail experience.


The ETG commerce team provides insights, consulting, and advanced eCommerce implementations that ensure you are selling online quickly and optimized for success.


ETG integrates your eCommerce system with Order Management Systems (OMS), Marketing Automation, Payment Gateways, etc., and we help plan your growth, design your site, and promote your business using the latest SEO and SEM technics. We also leverage our experience in online consumer behaviors to increase your revenue!

Our depth of experience with many industries, from Retail and Clothing to Digital and Streaming services, to Manufacturing, and more, gives ETG the background to solve any online shopping challenge. For compelling, intelligent, and strategic online eCommerce, the professionals at ETG are world-renowned innovators. We specialize in integrations, connecting your Marketing, Inventory, Service, and ERP systems with your eCommerce platform; With ETG, your entire business runs smoothly and efficiently.

The ETG team strategically plans your growth, starting with a deep-level analysis of your target audience and their online buying patterns.

ETG propels your eCommerce to new heights by unifying all your Salesforce modules and integrating Third-Party products.

Order Management Systems (OMS), Inventory Management Systems, Marketing Automation, Payment Gateways, and more.