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ETG helps you leverage Shopify to build a unified eCommerce system. We offer a full range of services for comprehensive Shopify implementations. Our feature-rich eCommerce solutions using Shopify have been popular for more than ten years, and we’re proud of our track record helping businesses, small and large, to quickly succeed in online retail.

ETG has extensive experience in building and managing eCommerce assets for Enterprises in different industry contexts. While working on an eCommerce project, we adopt a process that captures your brand philosophy and business goals to create an eCommerce experience that reflects those brand values and sales goals.

Once we have understood the experience we are meant to deliver, we learn everything we can about the conditions we must work with. After understanding your requirements, we modify our implementation methodology to suit your business goals, operational and time constraints.

When you entrust us end-to-end responsibility for your eCommerce project, we split the delivery of services into two phases: Project Mode and Maintenance Mode. In each phase, we have a streamlined process to secure a consistent and superior service experience to our partners.

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Etg is a full-service eCommerce house. We build, operate, and maintain eCommerce assets capable of enabling faster business growth for leading brands. Our Shopify services range from consulting to end-to-end implementation and support. Whether you are looking to overhaul an existing system or building a new one, Etg can help you.

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ETG will automate every process possible, integrate Shopify with your existing systems, implement add-ons, and even write custom modules to tailor Shopify to your unique needs. As your operations get more sophisticated, ETG is the right team to help you expand on a global scale. As you grow, we recommend that you check out the new Shopify-Plus enterprise eCommerce version!

eCommerce Migrations: Re-platforming your eCommerce system is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll make as an online reseller. It affects your SEO rankings; your customers will be affected, and thousands of products and product pages will be different. No company decides this lightly. The ETG eCommerce team approaches your project with the utmost caution and preparation. As with ALL our projects, we start by listening. And then, we formulate our solutions to address the three pain-points that most often force businesses to migrate, along with the specific needs that you’ve identified.

Marketing: Losing SEO ranking a major re-platforming fear. ETG provides a comprehensive action plan that preserves your rankings and offers new and expanded options for improving SEO and Rankings. We also can implement Predictive Analytics, and AI to strategically plan your growth, starting with a deep-level analysis of your target audience and their online buying patterns.

The ETG eCommerce team pays special attention to these Marketing areas

  • Improving Site Search: Directed and faceted. We help Marketing control search results for the best user experience
  • Personalization: We assist the Marketing team to implement multiple visitor personas and then we dynamically present content to the customer
  • Mobile Commerce: Mobile is MORE IMPORTANT THAN DESKTOP. We specially design a mobile experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations
  • Social Media: All ETG solutions include hooks for top social sites, easy share-ability, and social Commerce functionality
  • Tag Management: All our solutions include tag management for increased search functionality and improved site map indexing on Google’s SEO
  • Site Speed: For impressive google rankings, site speed is essential. Site Speed is a core ETG optimization service.

ETG provides the laser-focus on Marketing required for eCommerce Success


  • The new eCommerce platform provided by ETG will fit your short and long-term budget.
  • The Platform provided by ETG will allow you to address several customer groups. For example, if you have Dealers or Distributors, we build one eCommerce configuration for them, and another site for your online shoppers.
  • ETG will configure the eCommerce system with the proper security access, configurations, and pricing models for each customer group.


  • The new system provided by ETG will withstand the peak loads and traffic necessary for great online shopping experiences.
  • The database provided by ETG will handle your quantity of SKU’s, and we’ll plan for your growth.
  • Internal linking, product fields, product-related assets, video, multiple images, the system provided by ETG will manage all the features you need to succeed – today and the future.
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Partnering with ETG ensures smooth development and a successful launch of your new platform. And the ETG eCommerce Team doesn’t stop once we launch your site, ETG monitors your metrics, analyzes traffic, and helps you continually improve your eCommerce system.

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