SharePoint Development

Our Sharepoint services comprises of a blend of creativity and technical proficiency to deliver Sharepoint application development and integration services

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and Windows Sharepoint Services allow organizations to gain access to, explore and communicate information throughout all levels of their organization both internally and externally with customers and business partners.


Etisbew has experience, knowledge, skills and people to effectively guide you through your Sharepoint deployment by providing services for portal definition, portal planning, analyze business processes, enterprise content management, technology implementation, support document and collaboration requirements and end user training.


Etisbew has a deep understanding of the Sharepoint Object Model and Web Parts technology which allows our development teams to leverage the Sharepoint framework to its full potential and to use it as a development platform for enterprise applications.


Etisbew identified the primary business uses of Sharepoint:


  • Portal and application integration
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Management Solution
  • Self-service web forms