SharePoint Implementation

Our SharePoint Implementation service comprises of a blend of creativity and technical proficiency in delivering solutions on SharePoint portal server 2003, Microsoft Office SharePoint server(MOSS) and Windows SharePoint services (WSS)


Many organizations don’t really recognize the fact that simply going about any specific technology isn’t the answer to their problems. Sometimes, implementing the wrong IT solution into an environment may increase the problems many folds which are more difficult to resolve. This ultimately means spending more money on the technology which is either unsuitable or implemented in a wrong direction.


Etisbew has a unique style of working with the client directly from the very beginning of the project. We form a single project team in the initial stage of the project and ensure that information exchange is continuous with the client. This is very important because most of the clients are not able to create or envision complete scope for solutions they want or that can be met through implementing SharePoint solutions in their organization. We work with the stake holders by getting them involved in our analysis phase through workshops, reviews and training to gather information on what kind of effective roles they have been actively involved in. This makes our clients more confident and satisfied with the SharePoint projects implemented by us.


Etisbew has mastered the SharePoint implementation process for all types of businesses. We have implemented each of the constituent SharePoint technologies including SharePoint Services 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and the most recent release of MOSS 2007. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) has been a foundation platform for building both internet and intranet web applications across any enterprise. These applications work are bound together as one integrated platform, instead of relying on separate fragmented systems. Our experienced consulting team works with you to ensure that correct tools are deployed and developed to improve your business. Etisbew can assist you through proof of concept for implementing SharePoint solutions. Our implementation process involves Application development, Customization, Installation, Deployment, Training and long term Support.


Our SharePoint consultants analyze all your requirements in depth and help you build a strategy around it. This involves working hand in hand with your technical staff while customizing SharePoint modules as per your specific needs. Our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by facilitating smooth communication amongst staff and management.


Etisbew’s expert SharePoint team consists of a unique mix of business-savvy IT professionals who can help identify common business challenges and design flexible solutions with measurable results. Our skilled SharePoint developers can assist you with a variety of solutions based on the SharePoint platform.  We have provided custom installations for a wide range of clients across a broad spectrum of industries.


Our Implementation services can help you in the following areas:


Business Process Management: Etisbew can help you to automate complex business processes to react quickly to changes in your business environment. This helps you in focusing on your business specific activities rather than bothering about how to perform those activities.


Business Intelligence & Reporting: Etisbew has expertise in providing Business intelligence reporting and analysis modules to enable you with quick decision making which is supported by facts. This enables the management of your organization to focus on future growth path in an effective way. Interactive dashboards and scorecards help the management to define and measure success. Key metrics can be matched to specific strategies and then shared, tracked and discussed to make healthy decisions in time.


Enterprise Integration: Etisbew has expertise with large integration projects and SharePoint specific Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools. This is very important as most organizations have multiple enterprise applications that they use for human resources, accounting, sales and marketing analysis, inventory, etc. These applications often have different user interfaces and methodologies, proprietary protocols, and different data storage formats. Our SharePoint Portal Server implementation services help organizations to reap the real benefits of an integrated application environment.


Content and Document Management: Etisbew has expertise in implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) for providing a robust platform for managing Content, Documents, Records through well defined Workflow and Content Archiving functionalities. This collaboration functionality also allows versioning with features such as Check-in / Check-out to maintain different versions of entities preventing accidental loss of important ones.


Migration: Etisbew has a dedicated team of SharePoint Migration expert consultants who can help you plan, implement, migrate and deploy from non-SharePoint environment to a single point collaboration platform using different SharePoint services.  If you are considering migration from Microsoft Exchange public folders, Lotus Notes, Windows File Shares or Microsoft SharePoint older versions to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, Etisbew can help you for sure in implementing a cost effective solution meeting all your present and future needs.


Our SharePoint certified team of specialists provides highly professional services:

  • SharePoint Sites Development
  • SharePoint Communities Development
  • SharePoint Content Development
  • SharePoint Search Development
  • SharePoint Insights Development
  • SharePoint Composites Development