SharePoint Migration Services

Do you need help in migrating your SharePoint 2003 or 2007 to SharePoint 2010 or convert your non SharePoint centric business applications to SharePoint platform? Consult with our SharePoint Migration experts today

SharePoint has become like an Enterprise level Operating system for organizations both large and small alike. With the support of various Collaboration and BI-Business Intelligence components it is helping the decision makers – Executives and Managers to plan well and expand their businesses. Though it’s true that many business organizations are finding it difficult to leverage the real power of SharePoint platform, but it’s like a cakewalk if planned and executed well. All this is definitely possible with the help of experts and experienced in the field of SharePoint Implementation.


There are various approaches to migrate from non-SharePoint to SharePoint platform or from a older version of SharePoint to newer version of SharePoint. There are few points that need to be kept in mind before migrating to SharePoint:


It involves all best practices put in place to make the entire migration process a success. There are various organizations looking, for upgrading their older SharePoint version to a newer one to get the advantages of enhanced features. On the other hand, there are few other organizations that are looking for migrate from conventional collaborative means to SharePoint tool to be able to manage the things at one point. As per recent survey carried out in smaller and bigger organizations the trend shows that most of the companies are happy migrating to Microsoft SharePoint platform for its various powerful workflow collaboration features.


The migration process to SharePoint platform involves some groundwork before, while and after implementation. There must be a proper planning to create a clear cut roadmap to simplify the migration process.


Etisbew’s SharePoint Migration expert team helps organizations to list down all the required features and workflow data in the existing system and advise on how to discard unwanted features that are non-productive for the organization in any way. This activity allows identifying most and least important features required while implementing a solution through SharePoint platform.


We also help organizations to visualize the true benefits of SharePoint implementation either through Upgradation or Migration. This exercise will enable the organizations to focus on what they intend to have in the new system apart from what they already have. The vision could be to serve wide range of departments in the organizations not only limited to enabling them to collaborate using a single system but also to store their knowledgebase which is quickly searchable and usable for deriving useful statistics to enable better decision making. It could also be to check SharePoint will be able to handle increased user base without compromising on overall performance.


Etisbew Technology Group offers tailored off shore migration services for customers who want to migrate from one framework to another.


Migration Steps

  • Explore for an appropriate migration tool.
  • Identifying key features of the applications.
  • Identifying the forms, views and its corresponding mapping in SharePoint etc
  • Enhancing the applications based on the feedback from different stake holders.

Migrating legacy systems and applications which is generally a extended and complicated process. Etisbew team has proven understanding and proficiency to offer a hassle free migration of your technology platforms to SharePoint.